Bonded & Insured

Service Agreement (Residential)

Here at S&A, we take pride in our work and vow to give 110% in a job well done! Please read our policies, so that we can continue to do so.

Payment: First time customers are asked to pay a $75 deposit when scheduling an appointment, the balance is due at time of service. Recurring customers, payment is due by 9am the day of your appointment. If you do not pay within the allotted time frame, you will have to reschedule. Our cleaners do not accept personal checks or any payments. Cash can be given only as a tip. 

Cancellations: We ask that if you need to cancel your service appointment that you give us as much notice as possible. We will send out a text reminder for all bi-weekly and monthly customers, 24 hours before your appointment.

Access to Residence: After your initial visit we will ask for a key. If a key is not provided, we will expect access to the home between the hours of 9am-5pm. If we come to your home and are locked out, you will need to reschedule based on our availability. A key will be expected to continue service.

Recurring Customers: After your initial visit, cleanings are performed between 9am-5pm meaning the cleaner can arrive anytime between those hours to perform the cleaning so access to the home is very important. Please see Access to Residence.

Pets: We ask that all pets are safely put away while our cleaners are in the home.

Quality Check: We ask that our customers check the quality of our work, based on the type of cleaning provided, within 24 hours of your appointment. We will only address concerns rendered within that time frame.

Occupied Residence: If you choose to be present in your home during the cleaning, we respectfully ask that you avoid the areas where cleaners are working so that they can work as efficiently as possible.  

Laundry: Laundry can only be scheduled separately from cleaning appointments. We can only perform laundry service in your home. We ask that you pretreat any stains prior to your appointment.  If you would like for us to sort your clothing, we do so in the following ways: White, dark and light colors. You are welcome to sort them yourselves before your appointment. We will not overload your machines, and will make the proper judgement as to the load size per wash. We are not responsible for a malfunctioned washer or dryer. We will use your supplied washing detergent or we can supply our own. S&A will only be responsible for any damage to clothing directly related to the misuse of products by our employees or mistake in sorting when performed by one of our employees.